Patch 6.0: New Party System, New Channels, & More!



Due to a conflict between the party server and auction server, we will have to temporarily DISABLE the new party system. We will enable it very soon.. so stay tuned..



Hello everyone,


I'm glad to introduce new features to Dekaron Rising. We're releasing the new revamped Party System.


1. New Party System



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Posted by Dekaron Rising Staff - Wednesday April 23, 2014
[Maintenance] Patch 5.9 Maintenance Patch

Hello everyone!



As our player count continues to grow and our online count continues to break the thousands, we are constantly expanding our server infrastructure.


We will be upgrading our current server to a much more powerful one to help accommodate for all of the players.


Also, when this upgrade is complete, the game servers will be 100% protected from attacks such as DDoS attacks from desperate competitors. Over the past week or two we have been getting hit resulting in around 1~3 hour downtime while we block the attack. Now, thanks to a sophisticated setup of hardware firewalls s...

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Posted by Dekaron Rising Staff - Monday April 07, 2014
Now Hiring OPRs!

Hello players,


     We are opening OPR applications as of now! There will be five(5) possible positions that are opening in the Rising OPR sector of staff. OPR stands for "Operator." An OPR is generally a GM(Game Master) with limited power. OPRs are responsible to be, but not limited to, the following:

  • Active
  • Fluent in English(other languages are a plus as well; however, English is a must)
  • Professional / Kind to players

     Before committing, here is a little insight on the position: OPRs, once chosen, will either be promoted to GM, once their trial is compl...

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Posted by Dekaron Rising Staff - Sunday April 06, 2014
[Just Kidding: April Fools] Patch 5.8: Super Epic Revamp Patch

This never happened, none of this update was ever really added. It was all a joke :)


Pretty large and game changing update this time around. Hope you all enjoy!
Run your updater and get Patch 5.8!
Dshop changes:
1. Due to overwhelming player demand for tradeable Dshop items, we have started selling Dil for donations. Simply go to the D Shop and buy 100,000,000 for $1.
2. +10 weapons are now available for 150,000 coins...

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Posted by Dekaron Rising Staff - Tuesday April 01, 2014