[FORUM EVENT] 10/30/14 Halloween

We all have a favorite Halloween or scary movie, why not share?

Find a meme or gif from your favorite movie and post it in a spoiler.

The top 3 scariest win some coins!




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Posted by Dekaron Rising Staff - Friday October 31, 2014
High Server Latency due to DDoS, 3x Extended, & More,

Dear players,



A few announcements for you. 



1. High Server Latency due to DDoS


The server is currently constantly under DDoS attack, and due to this you may be having higher-than-usual MS. We're working on upgrading our servers in the next few days to have this issue resolved. You may also experience website issues, we're transferring the website to a cloud server soon. 


2. 3x EXP Extended


To celebrate Halloween and apologize for the latency, we're extending 3x until after Halloween weekend. Get your ...

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Posted by Dekaron Rising Staff - Wednesday October 29, 2014
Arcane Back Online - 3x Event Continues

Dear players,



We apologize for the inconvenience, Arcane was temporarily down due to too many players being online for the 3x event. 


Arcane is now back online and the 3x event for EXP + DK Square will continue!






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Posted by Dekaron Rising Staff - Tuesday October 21, 2014
[FORUM EVENT] 10/17/14 Story time.

One entry per person. I know most of us have a favorite character or NPC or both on dekaron and enjoy telling stories. Now is your time to be creative and share about that favorite!



Write a short story (5+ paragraphs)  on how your favorite character or NPC came to be on Dekaron. 
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Posted by Dekaron Rising Staff - Saturday October 18, 2014